We\'re Counting on You!

Last month in our newsletter we talked about personal spiritual growth.  If you’re not growing, you're not healthy!  This also applies to the church.  The question is - how does the church grow.  Well I would suggest this thought - there is qualitative growth and quantitative growth.  Qualitative growth is spiritual growth and quantitative growth is numerical growth.  I believe our church is beginning to excel at spiritual growth, be we are lacking numerical growth.  I think the fair question is how do we achieve spiritual growth.  To put it another way, how do we reach people and incorporate them into the church?

To be honest, it’s really not hard!  All that is necessary is a heart and excitement for Christ and the church.  When we have excitement we naturally will share and invite people to church.  All we need to do is share and invite - that’s it.  We discussed that on Good Friday (if you missed this teaching download our app and watch the video - app.srbcc.com).  

So I challenge you this month to identify ONE PERSON to invite to church.  You are key to our growth - don’t let us down!

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