Changes . . . let’s be honest - most people don’t like changes.  We like being comfortable; we like routine (I know I do).  Generally, we support the status quo.

The challenge is that the status quo isn’t always the best or most healthy situation for us.  We can get caught in a rut and not really even know what we are missing.  Sometimes, it’s more serious than that.  Spiritually, when we get caught in a rut and support the status quo we fail to be the salt and light that Christ calls us to be in the Gospels.  There is a lot at stake for us as Christians when we don’t embrace change.

Let’s use a different word for change; a more Biblical word - transform(ed)  In Romans 12:2 Paul calls on the Roman Christians to be “transformed by the renewing of your mind.”  Essentially, he’s calling on them to change.  In this case it’s a change for the best - to become more like Christ.  Now to be sure, being transformed can be painful.  It can be hard to look at ourselves and know that we’ve got work do in some areas of our life.  When we realize we are not “all we can be” it can hurt a bit.  That being said, we know that if we change it will be worth it in the end.  The payoff of being like Christ is more than worth it!

As we approach the fall there is going to be a lot of changes here at Community Church.  Remember, with change comes short-term discomfort, but long-term gain.  Please allow yourselves to be stretched and remember that God calls us to be transformed daily.  It’ll be worth it in the end!

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