First Blog - Summary of Philippians - 5.7.23

Good morning SRBCC family!

Did you know we have a podcast? We love seeing everyone at church on Sunday mornings, but between work, families, and general life, it might be hard some weeks to get here. We wanted to provide an additional resource for your spiritual growth outside of our church walls...hence, the growth of "Connected in Community"! Each week, we will be uploading short (20 minute) episodes on topics that we hope you'll find relatable, informative, and encouraging. You can listen to them through our website, Apple Podcasts, or Podbean!  To listen on the web click HERE or listen on your app under the "media" button at the bottom of the app.

This week's podcast gives a summary of our study of Philippians over the past month.  I give a summary of each week of what we studied in the month of February.  

Please listen and share with a friend!

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